Lessons and Classes

Community Programs

Front Porch Pickin’: This event is geared towards community building and providing a stress free environment for local musicians to play together in a group, and to connect. This is a free event that has approx 30-70 participants and is held monthly on the last Wednesday of the month.

Thursdays on the Triangle: This ArtMarket is a bi-weekly event is a spring and fall focused opportunity for local artists, makers, and crafters to sell their creations for absolutely no cost to the individual. There is live music, local food, craft beer, craft vendors, public service vendors, and an accompanied Farmers Market that sells locally grown fresh produce. This event yields approximately 200 event-goers and has generated approx $20,000 for the collective group.

Appalachians Folk Night: This fun and educational event is a summer-exclusive event that celebrates the culture and heritage of Appalachia. In partnership with the Hindman Settlement School, this event hosts a called square-dance, Appalachian themed cuisine, traditional music, and Appalachian art. This is a free event for the public.

The World’s Smallest Shakespeare Festival: This 2-day event hosts Theatre Programs from local high schools and community theatre ensembles to perform Shakespeare one-act plays. There is food, art, music, and vendors. This event is available to the public for $5.00 per person.

Studio Sessions:  As most organizations, during the pandemic, we needed to find a different way to provide people access to the arts and performance. Music, just as the arts in general, have healing properties, and we understood the importance of making it available to our communities. Studio Sessions is an online video performance released every Friday. Each session is a video performance of a regional musician, singer, or dancer and it is released on the Appalachian Arts Alliance Social Media pages. We have currently released 103 Studio Sessions since the ArtStation opened in July of 2020.

Studio Be: At the opening of the ArtStation, we knew we wanted to begin promoting yoga and more mindfulness practices. It was realized pretty quickly that we needed a space specifically for those classes, as each class was a race to sign up for, and usually sold out with a line out the door. Studio Be. was the solution. We were able to acquire a small studio space that was designed for yoga and fitness classes and it was very close to our existing facility. Now, Studio Be has a full slate of classes like Yoga, Hiit, Tabata, Zumba, and more. We have a student base of approx 100 weekly students.

Community Art Night: This program is for everyone of all ages to come together as a community to express themselves through art while creating art together. We do a variety of art projects at each Community Art Night all while adding educational components to each project! This is a free program which averages 15-20 participants and held once a month on Thursdays.